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Pancakes on a plateWhen I first moved to Melbourne I had no friends. True story. These pancakes are very relevant to this story.

Anyone who has moved countries or states knows this no-friends thing to be a fact of life. You have to meet new people, and rely on the kindness of others. It’s what makes it exciting – you never know who you’re going to meet and connect with. (more…)


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Pull-apart sugar cinnamon and apple bread

This bread has power over people. You see it. You need it. The sugary goodness stays with you long after you’ve left the page.

Pull-apart cinnamon and apple bread

We have a tradition in my little house (er, flat) of having breakfast together once a week before we run out to our separate lives. (more…)

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close up of a slice of pear bread

This pear bread begs to be underestimated. But I kid you not, I prefer this to any banana bread I have had recently. The butter, almond meal and cinnamon make this one of the tastiest breads I’ve had in ages. (more…)

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